Who is Dillan?

My name is Dillan Laughlin, I am young professional with a strong background in technology, design, marketing, and project management. My work in print design, web design, and software interface design, is seen on a daily basis among healthcare professionals. My work in strategic business planning has won grant funding, helping to grow the business I have been with nearly six years. I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Management and Marketing at the Henry B. Tippie College of Business. During my college career I routinely worked 60-70 hour weeks all while maintaining full time student status.


I have always had a unique perspective on the world; always trying to find new and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks, never settling for the status quo. I enjoy being challenged by new problems, ones where old paradigms just don’t fit.

I have a passion for being able to learn and leverage new technologies. I am excited by the endless opportunities to solve real world problems. I find it very fulfilling to be both part of a team or leading teams on project assignments.

Career Goals

Near Term

My goal is to become part of a cohesive team of professionals working on a multitude of projects, particularly in the area of developing new products, services. I wish to be working in an environment that fosters professional development through training and mentorship. I wish to work for an organization that is socially conscious, involved in the community, and fiscally responsible.

Medium Term

I wish to lead a team to the completion of successful projects that produce compelling new products, services, or refine existing processes. Leading a team of professionals, who are passionate and truly care about the work they do. I foresee myself in challenging position with a rewarding atmosphere.
Introducing dillanlaughlin.com
I created dillanlaughlin.com to provide a beautiful clean design to showcase talents that can’t be expressed in written form. It makes a great basis for any organization or individual to evaluate my skills prior to entering a business relationship. The site demonstrates a myriad of my design capabilities; from print to software UI design. Additionally you will find that you can easily contact me through the site via email, phone, and text messaging.

Continuous Improvement

imageA passion for new challenges has enhanced my skill set and drives my desire to learn. I am proactive and self motivated to further my abilities. In fact, Last October I enrolled in an immersive one-week Objective-C / Cocoa programming course taught by Aaron Hillegass. Beginning in 2009 I begin work towards a Masters Degree.

All in One Package

imageMy best attribute has to be my versatility. Work environments I participated in throughout my career demanded knowledge in many functional areas. I have experience as an executive member of strategic planning teams, project manager, director of sales and marketing, video producer, territory sales rep, print designer, technical editor, software designer, support technician, web designer, employee trainer, photographer, and much, much more. View Resume

My Resume

imageMy professional resume is available on this website in pdf format.
Please visit my contact page for all professional inquiries. View Resume

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Information Notice

NOTE: This website is intended to showcase Dillan's abilities so that you can see a representative example of his work. All products mentioned are purely for demonstration purposes. All inquiries can be made by contacting Dillan.
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